Short Message Service (SMS)

 Innovations in communication technology have made our communication easier and cheaper. Short Message Service (SMS) has become a necessity for most people. Students use this for ‘talking’ about their activities in the school or just for chatting. Family members who live separately in different towns and countries can simply use this to communicate with each other easily. And of course for people who have businesses, this tool can really help them to make contact, make appointments, and inquire about business chances by sending messages to get information about the prices and so on.

For me, SMS has given some great experiences. Someday, I have got an SMS from ‘unknown number’ just greeted me. After sending two SMS replies, I found that it came from my previous student in Bandung. It was great because it has been six years I haven’t met her. She knew my mobile number from magazine which put my article on it, incredible! as that magazine was published two years ago! The second I have good friend from Jakarta which usually sending me messages just say hello. I never meet him face to face and even I don’t know how he looks like, but I know much about him. We met in online chatting room, then continued to SMS chatting… and we have make a friend for FOUR YEARS! Sometimes I just ask myself, how can it happen to me? SMS made it happen!


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