2 Weeks Without A Gadget..!

It's been nearly two weeks i can't do anything with my Blacberry Q5 since it has dropped into water when i took wudhu..

I've brought it to the local gadget service as soon as it couldn't be operated.

And exactly one Day after that accident, my grandma has passed away. So i've so limited time to deal with my gadget.

after nearly a week it stayed on the Service Shop i took it. At first everything seemed well, but after i tried some apps, i found that they were very slow..i knew that too many junk files from instant messenging apps such Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger loaded on the ROM.

Then i decided to reset into factory setting to make my BlackBerry ran smoothly, however it took nearly two days yet it never reached 100 percent..

Finnaly i tried to forcely shut down it, and a few second after that i found this message when i tried to turn it on :  " "

I tried to find whats the meaning of that sign. "It's needed to reinstal the OS system" said some websites. 

Those mean that i should be have more patience to use my BlackBerry Q5. Since that i try to find the things (apps and utilities) that Will be  used to instal the system. And i know it was not so easy as they were said on the tutorials spread on internet.

Yeah, by waiting to solve the problem.. of course i couldn't do my IM apps, especially WA and BBM.

In some cases really. I really need those two apps since i run small business on internet and almost my client (to be) contact me by using those apps.

However, sometimes those two apps have also made me annoyed since many people drag me into so many chat group which in many cases make people unproductive. And the worse thing Is there are too many unwanted unformation in form of long text as well as media (voice and video) drop by into my gadget without permission and i couldn't get rid of them..
As the consequents of this bombing unwanted information, i use to spare my time regurally to move or even thow them to the trash bin. Of course it really time consuming and really made me mad.

By these reasons Then i could understand that why some people don't want to use the smartphone.. and i remember the bride couple in my office some weeks ago, (the Man is england and the girl is javanesse) - when i asked whether they have WA or BBM - one of them said that they only used their cellphone for basic functions such as calling and send text message.

Yes, you may won't believe that your life Will much more easier and quiter when you leave those IM apps..

I encourage you to try it. Yes, try to live without those apps.

I know, it would be Hard for the first timen especially for you Who get addicted to them.. but..after some days as the time passes by.. you Will find your life Will be different..

Wanna try it?

*) written At puskesmas Lawang, waiting for the officer calls the attendace list..  

Lawang, April 4, 2016

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