Beloved Enemy

When I was students at university, I had a teacher who called enemy by most of my friends in the class, because they thought that her subject Writing II III were very difficult and only few of us who got B .

But it was different with me and my roomate. When most students reluctant to speak and discuss with her, we were often offered have discussion about writing and some literature works. And she also invited us to her house if she had interesting books or novels. And of course we were happy getting her invitation. All my friends knew that we were her good students so they often say to us that she was our beloved enemy, yes as they think she was enemy.

Unfortunatelly, when I had just graduted from University I heard that she got accidents in U.S and get serius injured while she was taking her master degree. Of course I was so said to hear that, but I didnt know ko to contact her.. as I was far away to the place..

I just hope that she was fine. And I remembered her again when you (Ms Pauline) asked to write down about the teacher who impressed me

Yes, my writing teacher, Miss Yayuk, was impressed me so much

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