The time start earlier..But the Day Starts Later..

One little problem we faced as soon as we reached Bali was the different time used in Bali. As we know in Java we use WIB [ Waktu Indonesia Barat ] while in Bali WITA [Waktu Indonesia Tengah] is the standard time. 

Eventough the flight only took 30 minutes from Juanda to Ngurah Rai, it seems you have travelled about 1.30 hours.

When the plane took off the stewardess said it was 12.30 local time in Surabaya and we landed at 3.00 pm in Ngurah Rai.

We noticed this difference in time when we wanted to pray. When we arrived we were so tired -- as the flight was postponed twice and we had departed from home at 3.00 in the morning - so we wanted to have a rest. However, we wanted to have evening prayer [ Magrib] first before we went to sleep.

The time showed 5.30 pm and we thought that the time for Magrib would arrive soon. We waited.. and waited but it did not get dark (the evening prayer is conducted when the sun is set and the sky is getting dark and in Java this is around 5.30 pm).

So we decided to wait for some time and took a walk around the hotel. When it was really dark it showed 6.30 !! And we went to bed as soon as we finished praying. We were so tired!In the middle of the night we woke up because the alarm in my wife's mobile phone was ringing.

It was 4.00 am. She sets it to ring daily to remind her of dawn prayer...

Ah yes.. I had changed the time in her phone number suited to WITA.

So we got up and prepared for dawn prayer After that we planned to spend the morning walking... but after a long wait we hadn't seen the sign of dawn. I opened the curtain in my room and looked outside it was still so dark. There was no red rays of sun light on the sky..
So I went back to bed and read the paper while my wife was playing with my son who had just woke up. Then I heard the fading voice of Adzan [ the caller sign showing that the praying time had come ] and told my wife to listen.

Yes, right! It must be dawn prayer time. So we looked at the time it showed 5.30! Then we prayed and soon we went from our room to take a walk.

We planned to see what were the activities in the morning and wanted to visit the nearest traditional market. We walked for about 2 Kms from the hotel and found that the stores and shops were still closed. It was amazing for us because we live near the traditional market in my home town. And the market will always be busy at any time from early morning before the people wake up for dawn prayer until late at night.

My wife really enjoys going shopping in the early morning because all the produce is still fresh; vegetable, fish, meat, chicken and so on. But the most interesting thing for me when following my wife shopping in the morning is that I can find many traditional snacks and cakes that I like. But we weren't successful.

Eventhough we went around for sometime, we couldn't find anything. We were tired and decided to go back to the hotel. We wanted to give some snacks to our son. On the way back to the hotel we still couldn't find anything so we just bought some cream, milk and bread in the shop near the hotel.
At the hotel there was still no activities only cleaning staff were up and about. Most of the visitor were still sleeping . Ah.. we went to the room and slept again also until the time showed 9.00 am.

This article was written after i visited bali as the winner of the Radio Kangguru Writing Contest 2006 (see at

We stayed in Bali for 3 days.

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