Don't Waste Your Time Trying SpyHunter!

Today I was annoyed by malwares that hijacked my browser. Every time I want to open certain address like or other site, i was directed to the . I've got very frustated, and those  malware really spent my time useless.

Then I browse the net to get solution to get rid those's problem. I found some alternatives way to remove the . Then I tried one suggestion to download the Spyhunter Software to overcome my problem. I downloaded from the certain site. After I finished download the file the problem begun.

First, the file I downloaded was actually the setup file, so it needed internet connection to finish installing that software. Of course this will be problem to some user that has limited internet connection.

Second, after the software completedly  installed - I still can't used it, as it needed internet connection again to update the database. It really took more than 15 minutes to download the database with 128 kbps internet connection. Really annoying.

Third, when all the databases have been downloaded -  I tried to scan my laptop - and the result actually was made me glad since the spy hunter detected about 110 adwares / malwares. but I get really annoyed when I try to remove all the malwares, Spy Hunter asked me to register :(

Yes, I have spent nearly two hour using this useless software.

So, if you want to find some free software to get rid adwares or malwares in your pc or laptop I suggest you to NOT to try installing the Spy Hunter.

It just corrupts your valuable time to try this software!

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